Most common problems with headset

Most common problems with headset

Most common problems with headset

Everyone knows this situation when you buy a new and well-made noise reduction headset and it turns out that there is some problem with it. You don’t know if your PC’s settings are bad or maybe it’s headset’s fault. “I have just bought these headphones so it cannot be their fault” - everybody’s first thought. Well, it can. Every product that you buy can have some factory fault. What are the most common ones? Let’s take a look at it.


Microphone does not work


You come back home for store, unpack and plug in your headset, run skype and no one can hear you, because microphone is broken. Why? The first possible option is that you plugged it into wrong port and that’s why you cannot talk with your friends. The second one is that you have microphone option turned off in computer settings. The third option is that it has some fabric fault. It’s all easy to fix (ok, maybe not the third one, because you have to go to store and make a complaint). “Always look on the bright side of life” - your friends don’t have to wear their noise reduction headset, because you make any noise.


Bad sound quality


There are a lot possibilities why your headset has such a bad sound quality - cable, sound card, port - it all matters. Mostly it is PC’s fault. Sound card might be not compatible with a your noise reduction headset (but then you don’t hear a thing), port can be demaged or song that you are listening too has very bad quality. When you’ll run out of ideas and realise that it is headset’s fault just go to store, where you bought it and make a complaint. It’s employees will probably give you your cash back or replace a headset with a new one. One way or another it’s good solution.


Whole headset does not work


Well, it’s problem with your machine again. No sound, microphone is silent, nothing is how it should be. Keep calm and think. Maybe you plugged it wrong. Just check ports and if it’s the problem just fix it. Headphones and microphone settings might be disabled - in that case just check if it is and turn it on (it’s just one click). Check your sound card (maybe it is a reason). Why should you do all this stuff? Well, you can go to store and just refund it, but you’ll get another headset and problem will still be there.


In summary - it’s mostly your fault. Check every possibility and do what you can to fix it. Don’t go to a store with a refund at the start, because it can turn out that something in your PC is broken. Not your headset. And remember: always keep a receipt. You cannot make a refund without it.